Help For Ukraine

Thank you to all the beautiful souls that have been helping the OPA with its humanitarian aid for Ukraine. You are truly amazing!
We would like to ask you not to donate any prescription-only or over-the-counter medications containing active ingredients, like painkillers. We still accept products like bandages, first aid kits, nappy rash creams, sore throat lozenges etc.
The decision is based on many factors, like the fact that we are unable to maintain strict storage conditions during the transport, or a serious risk of inadvertent administration of incorrect dose of medications by people not speaking English – this is especially important in children.
We’ve also had reports of medications transports being turned around from the UK border and would like to urge you not to attempt transporting any medications through the border, which come with associated legal risks. These medications are available in Poland and Ukraine and our collections of goods is focused on items that are in more demand at the moment. Please refer to the regularly updated list on