Ponizej znajduja sie partnerzy  dzieki ktorym Oxford Polish Association moze realizowac swoje projekty przeznaczone dla spolecznoci zamieszkalej w Oxfordzie:



One Money Mail Ltd, trading as Sami Swoi Przekazy Pieniezne, is the largest money transfer company specializing in money remittance  from the UK to Poland. The company offers its customers the opportunity to make money transfers in person, at our six branches and our network of 200 agents, and also by phone through our call centre (UK  +44 (0)207 09 92 441 or  +44 (0)845 86 82 201),as well as on-line (at our website ) and through a unique mobile application. Our service is available to  both retail and business customers. Those who runs their own businesses in the UK canmake payments in Poland through the Sami Swoi Premium platform. For many years One Money Mail Ltd has participated in the life of the Polish community in the UK, supporting many cultural events and collaborating with leading Polish and British organisations. For your fast, cheap and safe money transfers, it can only be with Sami Swoi Przekazy Pieniezne.  

European Electronique is a successful privately owned organisation with a turnover of £58 million and 160 permanent members of staff. We are a leading technology company with a reputation for innovation and excellence and 25 years experience in delivering comprehensive ICT solutions and services to a wide range of sectors, including Education, Public Sector and Corporate markets. Working in partnership with globally recognised manufacturers and having extensive experience has enabled us to mature into a company with the capability and capacity to provide IT services ranging from consultancy, design, project management, system integration and support services including fully outsourced managed services.

Quintus Accounting, as any fully qualified accountant and tax adviser provide tax compliance, keep your books in order, help with tax planning, and ensure that you meet all your tax deadlines. We strive to do more and ensure that our clients focus on running and developing their businesses while we take care of the rest. To discuss your accounting needs, please contact us directly for a no obligation chat..


UK Butterflies is a Non-Profit organisation limited by guarantee.

We run different projects including educational projects. We also work with different European countries working around transnational projects together.

We care about Polish language, Polish history, Polish geography, tradition, culture and heritage, human rights, education, equality and diversity. We offer wide trainings for professionals, parents, young people (bespoke training too).

To integrate Central European communities to live safely in Bradford we organize a range of community cohesion events, promotion of healthy living and well-being through short courses, workshops, conferences including international youth exchange, immigration advice sessions in terms of EUSS Settled Status.


Step By Step Dance School in Oxford are an established provider of dance for all ages in many different genre, excelling in Latin and Ballroom tuition and experience, Ballroom, Latin American Dance for Adults and Children, Wedding Dance, Solo Latino, Fit Steps, Zumba , Private Tuition and many more …

indexBlackbird Leys Parish Council aims to help the community of Greater Leys and Blackbird Leys to develop and grow so that its residents can reach their full potential and feel comfortable in their surroundings whether young or old. We continue to provide local organisations with funding to ensure they can provide key services to those who need it. We advertise and support local events and connect individuals to various support groups.


Partner Medialny

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