About Us

Oxford Polish Association (OPA) is a small local voluntary community group with its board and a constitution and is registered with OCVA ( Oxford Community Voluntary Action) which acts under Oxford City Council.


All active members act as volunteers dedicating their time to fulfil group objectives which are:

  •  Support for Polish immigrants in Oxford to adapt to local norms and regulations for better integration with local community.
  •  Legal, psychological, educational and social help point for Polish immigrants.
  •  Contact centre for local authorities and organisations interested in Polish community.
  •  Promotion of the best of Polish culture, customs, traditions and language.


The main aim is to have a place of support for Polish people for better integration with local community. OPA helps Poles living and working in Oxford to overcome feeling of isolation and “being a foreigner” through provision of expert advice, language help, psychological support, organisation of interest groups for adults and children as well as a place to meet new friends, share experiences and help others.


Since a start in April 2011, OPA successfully cooperates with other Oxford groups dedicated to Polish community:


  • Polish Service “Przestrzen”,
  • Polish Saturday School,
  • Group dedicated to Polish Families “Rodzinka PL”,
  • Group „Maluchy”
  • Polish Student Society of Oxford University.


OPA is created by us and it rely only on us what group we create. We wish for OPA to be seen as a great image of Polish community living and working in Oxford.

OPA welcomes everyone and there is always something for everyone. Regular meetings are held in our Venue every Monday from 7pm. to 9pm. Information about upcoming events, news from OPA and its members can be found on our website, on our FB webpage or you can just come to one of our meetings!


Oxford Polish Association

tel: 07585442696

Address of our Venue:

Blackbird Leys Youth & Community Centre

Blackbird Leys Road, Blackbird Leys, Oxford, OX4 6HW

Please come along, bring your kids, family, friends and check it yourself!

Founders of Oxford Polish Association